Sam Kamin's personal page


I'm married to Miranda Callahan. I have a daughter Rebecca Snyder, married to Jeff and possessed of an impossibly cute 18-month old daughter, Madison. Here's Madison, and here are all three.


My main diversion is playing my guitar. I play rock, blues, folk. I've got an old Gibson B35 (from 1965), and a Gibson EC-20, but mostly I play electric (I've got a white Strat and a new PRS Soapbar II).

I'm also something of a political junkie (Go Obama!). Blogs I read regularly include the Daily Dish, the New Republic, DailyKos, and TalkingPointsMemo. (And Slate, but only on Thursdays, when Prudie's column appears.)

Oh, and Miranda has turned me into a Cubs fan. I guess she wanted to share everything, including the pain she's experienced since childhood. But happy times are here again!

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